Meet the Staff at Downtown Garage

"We strive to deliver old fashioned neighborhood service."


Karen Wielkopolan is known as the face of Downtown Garage Automotive Repair. As the first person a customer will see or talk to, it is extremely important to her to have an inviting, friendly, and organized environment. With 30 years of customer service, bookkeeping, and scheduling experience, Karen is the person handling all the front desk duties. Because of her experience in running a business, Downtown Garage Automotive Repair is able to keep their prices low and competitive.

  • We are known for our drive-ability expertise and diagnostic knowledge

Meet the Team

John Wielkopolan
Master Mechanic

Bobby Theisen
Master Mechanic

Jacob Roberts

John Wielkopolan is State Certified Master Mechanic and ASE Certified in automobile and diesel repair with 15 years of auto repair experience.

Residing in Milford his whole life, John is very well known throughout the community as being a friendly and honest mechanic. He is also known for always being up for a challenge. Not only does John find a permanent solution to a problem, he will also educate the customer of the repair process to help them understand the issue.

Bobby Theisen is an ASE and State Certified Master Mechanic for automobile and diesel repairs with 15 years of experience.

Bobby is known for being a particularly meticulous and patient mechanic, going the extra mile to make sure things are fixed properly. He is most interested in the technical, electrical and diagnostic aspect of his job.

Jake Roberts joined us through Oakland Schools Technical Campus. He worked with us for 3 years and went on to become a Hem Die Technician for a few years. He then decided Auto Repair is where his heart is. Jake is back with us since 2019 and his skills in mechanical & fabricating are stronger than ever. We are so happy to have him back on our team.

Rhett Puzio

Rhett Puzio is our all around go to helping hand that we just can’t do without. He has been with us since 2021 keeping the cars flowing through the shop, prepping for work, and maneuvering through our tight parking lot with ease. Rhett is working towards becoming a certified technician and we look forward to see what the future has in store for him.

Nick Streng

Nick Streng started with us when he was still attending Milford High School. We asked the instructor for his best student and that’s exactly what we got.

Nick is a person that you can show him once and he’s got it for life. Graduating with a 4.1 GPA he chose to stay here at Downtown Garage and further increase his knowledge in automotive repair. Nick has been here since 2018 with a short absence to make sure he didn’t want to work on fork lifts and we are happy to have him.

Mark Preston

Mark Preston is our Service Writer, likely the one you will be speaking with on the phone when setting your appointment and all the way through to picking up your vehicle. Before Mark came to Downtown Garage he was part of his family owned repair shop in Holly, MI as well as a few dealers with a total of 20 years experience. We are lucky to have found Mark and excited to have him as part of our team.


Rowdy is over 7 years old now and is our greeter. Some say he’s the nicest dog they have ever met. We have to agree. He loves all our customers.

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