Wheels To Prosper

"Changing lives one car at a time."


2018 Winner: Tammy Stockbridge

It was a privilege to meet and give Tammy this 2009 Pontiac Vibe

Previous Winners


2017 Winner: Clapper Family

A Facebook quote from the winning family: "I'm interested in being more involved in church now that we have a...
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2016 Winner: Bentley Family

From hometownlife.com September 6, 2016 Laura Colvin, lcolvin@hometownlife.com Milford’s Downtown Garage is giving away a car. Again. For the second...
Milford Times Story

2015 Winner: Jaleane Thomas

From hometownlife.com July 27,2015 Lisa Colvin, lcolvin@hometownlife.com Life just got a little easier for Jaleane Thomas. On Saturday, Thomas, a...

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