Gary Gebhart – October 2014

I am happy to say that I was very pleased with the overall professionalism exhibited by the people at the Downtown Garage in handling the very challenging repairs my car required. I grew up in the auto repair business, have restored many cars and whenever possible, do all of my own auto repairs. However, my 88’ Mercury Cougar had an exhaust leak at the manifold and required a hoist, torch, arc welding equipment and fabrication skills to do the repair. I had the skills but none of the equipment.

I was very relieved to find mechanics that still had the skills and patience necessary to repair rather than replace damaged parts, fabricate parts that are otherwise not available or otherwise use talent and experience to the customer’s advantage as their first choice approach to the repair. It was also very nice to find that my thoughts on how to address the repairs were not only appreciated but were performed at a level that I would be hard pressed to match myself.

I would recommend the team at the Downtown Garage to anyone for any type of vehicle.